Credence Solutions

The Credence approach to providing our customers with efficient, cost-effective solutions involves a synergistic combination of advanced, diverse expertise; customer familiarity and dedication; and streamlined, uncomplicated internal processes. Our intense focus on each customer’s mission and vision allows our experts to devise truly unique and personalized solutions for multiple Government agencies and departments. But while each solution is different, high quality work product, close customer contact, and swift response to change characterize each and every one of our contracts.

Our Capabilities fall under the high-level categories of management consulting, information technology, and engineering services. Many of our management solutions include program management, financial management, human resource management, and logistics, among many others.

We Partner with valuable industry teammates to achieve the best, most appropriate solutions for our customers. We augment our team with specialized expertise as necessary to ensure that we are able to help our customers realize their objectives and to meet and exceed their expectations of work products and services.



We serve Customers primarily at the Federal level, across the Department of Defense and many civilian agencies. Learn more about our diverse portfolio of customers here.