As One Effort Draws to a Close, Team Credence Continues and Expands Its Global Health Work

June 6, 2023 — Credence and its subcontractor Public Health Institute (PHI) are proud to announce the successful conclusion of the Global Health Technical Professionals (GHTP) contract and the growth and expansion of our work in support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Global Health Technical, Advisory, and Support Contract (GHTASC).

Since 2018, GHTP has supported efforts to improve global health, international development, and humanitarian assistance outcomes in communities around the world by hiring, training, and enhancing the skills of global health professionals. Under the contract, Team Credence was able to:

  • Hire hundreds of diverse professionals to support a range of strategic priorities for global health, including family planning, Global Health Security, HIV and AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.
  • Bring on a transformative team of IT and global health experts to design, develop, and deploy scalable data platforms for the Global Health Data Analytics Hub. The Hub synthesizes data on global, regional, and country-specific health trends and helps USAID’s experts better assess how programs are affecting health outcomes.
  • Advance and support country-owned, sustainable health information systems and promote data-informed decision making through program monitoring and evaluation.
  • Assist USAID as it responded to the emergence of COVID 19 and the demands it put on the global health community. GHTP staff have supported the work of the Covid Response Team, which helped the global health community educate and vaccinate citizens worldwide and gather data and best practices to improve the response to COVID and prepare for future disease outbreaks.
  • Implement a mentoring program to foster professional growth and develop the skills needed by the modern global health workforce.
  • Create the Future Global Health Leaders network, which created a diverse community of more than 550 students who used our webinars, office hours, and other resources to advance their careers. The program also enhanced the pool of qualified candidates available to support USAID.

Building on the success of GHTP, Team Credence will continue its dedication to the global health work of USAID under GHTASC. GHTASC supports USAID’s global health programming with a focus on preventing child and maternal deaths, controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and combating infectious diseases.

This work includes an emphasis on data and analytics tools that will give USAID greater insights into their workforce and bolster their ability to respond rapidly to emerging global health threats. The new contract will also support a larger number of global health professionals while empowering those employees to expand and enhance the knowledge and skills they bring to their lifesaving work.

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