Credence has the agility and speed of a small business, strengthened by the mature infrastructure one would expect from a large business, to include a Top Secret facility clearance and DCAA-approved accounting systems. Credence’s processes have been externally appraised at CMMI Level 3 for Services and Development, and certified as ISO 9001, 20000, 27001, 14001, 17025, 21508, and AS9100D.


At Credence, our goal is to ensure our clients are organized effectively to meet future challenges, build on their successes, and mitigate risks through effective strategy and planning. Our comprehensive strategy and planning services align with Federal Budget cycles and Capital Planning and Investment Control regulations to allow our experts to tackle the most challenging technical initiatives. Allow us to manage your budget and procure the necessary services to ensure mission imperatives are met.

Let us ensure the funds needed to meet your mission imperatives are budgeted and that the required services are procured to deliver success.

Technology & Solutions

Credence technology solutions are supported by externally certified quality and maturity processes to tailor solutions for each client’s specific environment.  Our technical competencies and industry best practices are continuously refined based on our project experience, engagement with the technology marketplace and our internal research and development. Let us be your partner for innovation and we deliver cost-effective technology solutions that continuously improve to meet your changing needs.

Mission Support

Each of our clients support unique missions critical to the American way of life. As a critical partner to the Federal Government, our corporate values place your mission objectives first. Bolstered by decades of experience and evidenced by exceptional CPARs, we deliver high-impact solutions to advance our clients’ mission success.