IT Strategy & Solutions

Establishing an IT Strategy is essential to drive efficient use of funds and effective implementation of IT initiatives.  Credence applies industry best practices and our own innovative techniques to rapidly establish strategic policy, as well as architecture guidance to establish the foundation for effective investment and IT initiatives.

Enterprise Architecture & Portfolio Management

For the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) J62G Extended Business Applications (EBA) Portfolio, Credence provides technical and analytical services, including support for Enterprise Architecture (EA) / Portfolio Management (PfM). Our experts provide development, maintenance, and reporting services; modeling and training support; consulting support; requirements management; architectural maturity assessments; and liaison services with other DLA offices to ensure collaboration and compliance with federal policy. We also ensure all electronic and information technology (E&IT) is equally accessible for all users including those with disabilities, following guide from Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. 

IT Infrastructure Acquisition Support

For the Department of Education’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), Credence offers IT strategy and acquisition support, including infrastructure, computers, telecommunications devices, e-mail network, internet and intranet sites, servers, telephone systems and network printers, and other services and equipment. Through leadership our IT Industry experts, we manage and support the full lifecycle of re-competition, including Acquisition Strategy, Market Research, Requirements Definition, Cost Estimation, Pre-Solicitation Documentation, Solicitation and Evaluations Support, Transition Support, and ITS Infrastructure Program Support.

Application Rationalization

For DLA, Credence supports the Extended Business Applications (EBA) Portfolio of over 1,200 applications. Our work allows us to analyze, align, decommission, migrate, and sunset application functionality into DLA Enterprise applications and to identify and track automation opportunities and initiatives. As part of this effort, Credence’s team provides organizational alignment, migration of functionality to DLA Enterprise applications, automation of manual processes, and decommissioning of legacy applications.

Architecture & Design Services

Sound architecture is essential to IT effectiveness at every level of an organization. Credence’s architecture practice spans the enterprise by delivering actionable architecture and empowering teams at every level to standardize, align, interoperate and reuse assets as appropriate for our customized solution. To design modern technology systems, reduce redundancy in application portfolios, and tackle data quality and management challenges, Credence applies industry best practices and tailors our approach to each client’s vision of the future. With the guidance of our experts, we ensure investments deliver optimal value, mature architecture capabilities, reduce the cost impact of change, and establish a platform of pre-integrated enterprise services to speed delivery of new solutions.

Architecture Design Services

Credence has served as a partner to HUD by establishing the continuous integration / continuous delivery pipeline to deliver systems into the HUD Cloud, hosted on Microsoft Azure. As part of Credence’s commitment to optimizing service through best practices, our team implemented and deployed the HUD Enterprise Service Bus and developed the technical standards and guidelines to ensure secure, web services interoperability for their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) system. 

Architecture & Engineering Advisory Services

On behalf of GSA COMET, Credence was tasked to provide architecture and engineering services and governance across the Federal Acquisition Services portfolio of over 200 applications. For this contract, Credence develops standards, architecture and design guidelines, as well as providing expertise as we work with the client to target architecture vision and architectures to support upcoming investments.  Our team is spearheading Fleet Management, Data Management and Contract Writing initiatives to establish a stable and modern Cloud-based platform to underpin a large-scale portfolio rationalization effort to be concurrently implemented by multiple contractors.

Modernization of Portfolio & Intelligence Applications

At the Defense Intelligence Agency, analysts faced an overwhelming deluge of all-source medical intelligence, which slowed their ability to produce useful, actionable reports. Credence took on the challenge as our team oversaw operational responsibility and modernization of an aging portfolio of intelligence applications. To accomplish this, our team migrated the essential applications to a secure cloud environment, introduced Agile development best practices, and established continuous integration / continuous delivery pipelines to automate testing. These efforts sped the migration of the portfolio to a modern application stack that included an artificial intelligence and machine learning capability to facilitate intelligence analysis.

Operations Strategy

Whether establishing an acquisition lifecycle or advancing a supply chain management, Credence uses operations strategy to develop the means by which available resources are allocated to support infrastructure and production within a project. Efficiency and effectiveness are at the center of plans designed to achieve the objectives of entities that Credence supports.

Supply Chain Management

Credence supported GSA, Department of Defense, and the overall Federal Government in the establishment of a modern application and business process for processing office supply and janitorial related supplies, maintenance and operations supplies, services, and materials. The strategy in executing this contract required analyzing training requirements, designing a progressive suite of seven courses, evaluating training methodologies and developing training materials. These enhanced capabilities allowed the Government to monitor and manage the supply chain at all levels, most importantly ensuring producers would be held accountable to GSA regulation as new procedures were implemented.

Establishing an Acquisition Framework

Credence was awarded a contract to provide Health and Human Services (HHS) with support and services to build a program management structure for the HHS Consolidated Acquisition System Program. This required a focus on taking the Acquisition Framework from conception to implementation. The acquisition strategy established a foundation for HHS to ensure its framework by effectively implementing laws and policies, reflecting management’s priorities and good business sense. This newly established lifecycle enabled further reflection and comprehension of future programs and projects before proceeding to execution.

Delivering an Integrated Financial System

For over five years, Credence delivered an integrated financial system to the US Air Force, Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS) to provide timely, accurate, reliable and auditable financial information. The re-engineering and standardizing of finance business rules, processes and language required development within US Transportation Command, USAF, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service required comprehensive, forward-thinking strategy development. Credence’s work on this project ensured Air Force accounting systems were compliant with federally mandated audit standards. Credence’s complete enterprise end-to-end business process flows were well received by the Air Force Financial Management and Comptroller (SAF/FM).