Team Message


“Our vision for Credence is based on three values: TrustPartnership, and Success. These three tenets are the basis for our business model, how we engage our customers and employees, and how we approach our teaming relationships. 

Credence was started with the vision of creating a diverse organization that would attract the best talent in the industry and treat each team member as a trusted partner in the organization. This is achieved through our culture of openness and trust that encourages each team member to innovate and take their own initiative. We expect our team members to support our customers with these principles, and Credence’s leadership supports its employees in the same way.”

Sid Chowdhary
Chief Executive Officer

"We believe that each of our team members has unlimited potential, and our aim is to create a workplace where our people look forward to coming to work every day and contributing to the mission. We practice servant leadership, which is embodied in our motto: One measure of success. Yours. We believe that by focusing on the success of our clients, team members, and partners, we all achieve greater success."

Prashant Gaur

“I was a member of the U.S. Army for 31 years. Credence has created an exceptional professional working environment similar to my military experience that encourages and rewards individual initiative and innovation. My job allows me to have a daily direct and positive impact on our Soldiers who provide selfless service to this nation.”

Martin LeppertDirector

“Everyone at Credence is encouraged to broaden our skills and embrace new opportunities, and as a result, I’ve been able to learn from my colleagues and grow into an entirely new and exciting role. We have an excellent environment for someone who is driven and excited to learn! I also feel that I’m part of a family; I find great comfort in knowing that I’ll always be well taken care of and supported at Credence.”

Leigh BoylePrincipal

“I have been on the Credence Accounting and Finance team since 2014. Every day is a learning experience, and I view my time here as my “College of Business.” Employees are empowered to learn, grow, and achieve their career goals through cross-training and teamwork, resulting in our continued success and environment of empowerment.”

Wuba ShiferawDirector of Accounting

“Since joining Credence I recognized immediately one of the company’s strengths is a strong supportive culture promoting trust, rewarding employees’ efforts and ensuring all employees know their work is meaningful.  At Credence, professional growth is a priority because the work we do is challenging and requires you to grow and learn.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with absolute professionals who promote continuous learning through collaboration and sharing knowledge.”

Aaron KigarDirector

“I love working for Credence because of its culture of excellence and dedication to empowering, inspiring, and motivating every team member in the organization. Credence values each team member and provides incredible support and opportunities for team members to learn, grow, and contribute to big-picture plans and projects.”

Gina BushProject Manager

"My favorite part about working for Credence is collaborating with talented, multi-faceted professionals with diverse backgrounds. I strongly believe that the trust that has been built in Credence's cross-functional teams has led to consistent delivery of the best outcomes for Credence’s clients and employees."

Natalie DuBoisHR Manager

"Credence is exceptional in many ways, one being the priority we put forth in making sure our employees in the field serving the client receive quick and agile decision-making guidance from their supporting company leadership, empowering our employees. I appreciate the agility Credence embodies and provides, allowing for well-thought-out decision-making agility, empowering employees to take ownership and move our initiatives forward, resulting in execution toward collective company and client focused goals. It was a refreshing change when I joined Credence (5+ years), becoming acclimated to the model of a flat organizational agile process. I realized our true productive agility is in the work force flow throughout the company and continues to make Credence successful today. I am grateful to be a part of an exceptional Credence team and will continue to support our teams in this agile manner"

Deborah DavisPrincipal

“When the opportunity arose to join Credence, I knew little of how truly game changing it would be for both my career and family.  Each day, I work with unparalleled professionals whose focus is to provide exceptional service to our Government clients.  While we are all dedicated to the success of our clients, each of us is also dedicated to supporting and taking care of one another. The combination of opportunity for professional growth through hard work and a true work-life balance makes me thankful to be a part of Credence and to contribute towards its phenomenal work.”

Tiera KendleDirector

“It is of vital importance that employees are taken care of and given the support they require to ensure that we provide the client with an exceptional product. The culture I have experienced working for other companies pales in comparison to my experience with Credence. I have been given the latitude to be able to do the right thing by our employees and client alike. Credence leadership has also ensured that they provide me, as program manager, the knowledge necessary to efficiently and effectively execute this contract. I wouldn’t complain if this was the last company I ever worked for.”

Calvin YoungProject Manager

"My favorite thing about working at Credence is the incredible opportunity the company has given me for growth and advancement. They’ve seen my potential and encouraged me to develop it by trusting me with increasing responsibility, letting me really take on and own tasks and projects. Credence has also been very deliberate about understanding my professional goals and working with me to reach them. I’ve been with the company for almost 3 years, and I’ve had tremendous personal and professional growth during this time."

Marisa RiegerProgram Specialist

Company culture and mission are important to me. I came to Credence because we follow a philosophy of Servant Leadership. Our leaders have trust in our teams, care about their employees, and always look to act in the best interest of all. They are respectful and instill accountability in each team member. We proudly work to exceed the expectation of our clients, our employees, our teaming partners, and our community inclusively.” 

Nikki GordonSenior Recruiter

“What I most like about working at Credence: The team at Credence and the team spirit;  I have the freedom to make my decisions, and acquire skillsets on new technology areas such as Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the leadership is very supportive;  The leadership is very encouraging and they enable and facilitate each employee to enhance and build up on professional skills.  I have the opportunity to broaden my skills and work in different areas and not feel ‘pigeon-holed’.”

Raj Shivraman Solutions Architect
"It is refreshing to see a company who not only supports the Department of Defense mission with exceptional service, but also supports and celebrates the military veterans in their workforce with a true servant leadership based approach."
Ben TrevinoProgram Manager