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At Credence, we firmly believe that providing consistently high-quality services to our customers is dependent upon on our ability to consistently attract and retain a high-quality workforce. We are proud of the industry leaders and experts that make up our team. We also understand that by respecting and fairly treating our employees, we are ensuring equivalent treatment of and interaction with our customers.

We provide a comprehensive and unparalleled benefits package to our employees, which incentivizes hard work and exceptional service to our customers, as well as contributes to our high rate of employee retention. We also consider employee retention to be critical, as team members are vital to the success of the customers’ missions, and we take deliberate steps to maintain a stellar record of employee retention.

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We strive to employ hard-working, passionate individuals that bring value to the exciting nature of our work, and take pride in supporting our country’s various government missions in the best way possible. We are a diverse, enthusiastic family of subject matter experts, business professionals, and practitioners who all share a common goal of providing exceptional service to our government customers. If you want to work in a dynamic and fast-growing environment with highly motivated people, then Credence is the right place for you.

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