Credence Continues Support to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center on the Franken-Cutter Program

December 20, 2023 – Credence is pleased to announce our recent award for the Air Force Engineering, Professional, and Administrative Support Services (EPASS) Franken-Cutter Program. The award combines two of Credence’s existing EPASS programs and adds program support for the Cyber Resiliency Office for Weapon Systems (CROWS). The work will be performed at locations across the country, with the primary place of performance being Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, where Credence is excited to expand its already substantial presence.

In this effort, Credence will continue to provide a broad range of acquisition, engineering, scientific, research, financial, logistics, test, intelligence, security management, and administrative support to over 17 critical organizations including the Rapid Sustainment Office, Engineering Directorate, Intelligence Directorate, Propulsion Directorate, and Architecture and Integration Directorate. Our support to these programs and their missions helps the Air Force execute effective and responsive weapon systems research, development, production, lifecycle acquisition, and sustainment activities.

With the addition of CROWS, Credence provides advanced acquisition capabilities to incorporate system security engineering principles into the acquisition community, integrate intelligence resources, and manage data reporting and tracking of cyber vulnerabilities and risks to increase cyber posture. This enables our new mission partner to increase cyber resiliency and mitigate critical vulnerabilities of fielded Air Force weapon systems.

About Credence
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