Credence Culture

Credence is characterized by a corporate culture focused on employee empowerment, recognition, reward, and retention. Credence was founded on a vision of an organization that would attract the highest-quality industry talent because it is one that recognizes each team member as a partner. A culture of excellence and trust is cultivated by our team members that encourages each to innovate and take initiative to drive our organization and our customers toward success.

Our focus on Servant Leadership is based on an Inverted Triangle philosophy. Each customer, teaming partner, associate, and employee is treated as a trusted partner whom we serve. Our leaders support and empower our project teams and staff, who in turn promote the visions and objectives of our Government customers. We believe in Level 5 Leadership (Jim Collins, Good to Great, 2001) and encourage team members to become Level 5 leaders – those who are humble, channel their energy into the company’s goals as a whole, have the fierce will to succeed, and encourage and empower one another to succeed.

At Credence, we focus on embodying our three Core Values: Trust, Partnership, and Success. Our corporate culture promotes honesty and accountability in each individual, which facilitates a trusting environment for our employees, project teams, and customers. We cultivate and thrive on collaboration and partnership that applies not only within our organization but extends to our customers and industry partners.  Our expert teams consistently strive for excellence, increase our capacity for achievement by investing in resources and education, facilitate successful outcomes for ourselves and our customers, and share the results of our success with every stakeholder. We are reminded of these three Core Values daily, as each can be found in the Credence company logo.

We are driven by our motto: One Measure of Success – Yours. We believe in making everyone we work with successful, whether you are our customer, our teaming partner, an employee, or a member of society.

Corporate Citizenship

We extend our values and culture beyond our organization and our customers through our commitment to corporate citizenship. Our employees and project teams span the globe, as do their individual commitments to philanthropic and charitable endeavors.

Credence supports a comprehensive corporate matching program through which we match the donations of money and materials made by our employees to organizations and causes of their choice. We also support donations made by our project teams to local charities. This commitment also extends to industry leadership, as many Credence executives donate their time as leaders in non-profit and industry associations.