Credence Global Health Experts Support USAID’s Outbreak Response Efforts

March 1, 2023 — Credence is supporting USAID’s lifesaving work to combat infectious diseases worldwide and enhance global health security through the Global Health Technical Professionals Contract and the new Global Health Training, Advisory, and Support Contract.

Our infectious disease experts, public health advisors, and senior communications professionals served on the Outbreak Response Team that worked with the Ugandan government to address a recent spike in Ebola cases. The response included rapidly disseminating information on symptoms and precautions, providing personal protective equipment to health workers, and working with five neighboring nations to prepare for any spread of the disease. On January 11, 2023, the Government of Uganda and the World Health Organization declared an end to the outbreak after just three months.

Our experts play a key role in USAID’s work and its efforts to strengthen health systems worldwide. Uganda’s response to Ebola demonstrates how rapidly initiating a public health response results in fewer cases and fewer deaths.

In addition, a senior West Africa regional advisor with Credence has supported USAID’s response to a tragic surge in Cholera cases in Malawi.  

“Credence’s very first contract was with USAID and our commitment to supporting its mission has been steadfast across more than a decade,” said Credence CEO Sid Chowdhary. “I’m immensely proud of the ways our people support the agency’s work locally and globally and in the recent growth of our work for USAID.”

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