Credence is Proud to Support the Air Force Medical Operations Agency’s Goal to Maximize Patient Safety

November 11, 2016 – Credence has been awarded a task to support AFMOA’s worthy goal to combat patient-related near-misses and errors that result in harm to more than 35,000 military personnel and their families. The Air Force PSP is dedicated to providing safe, effective, evidence-based healthcare. With staff across the globe, Credence is supporting the PSP by offering project management, program integration, clinical, educational, and research support. More specifically, we are assisting the Government with the establishment and operation of the Air Force Medical Service PSP at the medical treatment facility (MTF) level, including helping educate staff on key patient safety principles; assisting with facility-wide implementation of healthcare team training; staying abreast of national patient safety initiatives; aiding in the implementation of performance improvements leading to the formulation of policies and processes that facilitate safer care; guiding organizational changes; and helping administer day-to-day PSP operations encompassing all aspects of inpatient, ambulatory care, and support functions.