Teaming Philosophy
Credence is a best-in-class partner. We treat each teammate as a trusted partner whom we serve, and we define our success by leaving each teaming meeting with a new or strengthened friendship, no matter the outcome of the discussion.

We strive to be an exceptional teammate, with the following differentiators:

  • We are guided by our philosophy of “One Measure of Success – Yours” which is at the heart of every teaming encounter.
  • We believe that success comes naturally when we treat our partners fairly, professionally, and with great respect and humility.
  • We have a high win rate and preference for leveraging successes to build long-term, mutually beneficial teaming relationships.
  • We are transparent in all facets of our teaming discussions, as we are in all of our business operations.
  • We have a robust, dedicated, exceptionally talented proposal management team to streamline the proposal process and increase win rates.

Please email us at for any partnering opportunities.

Valued IT Partner Offerings
Credence’s technology partners serve as the pillars of our IT success by allowing us to forge ground-breaking and cost-efficient solutions for the Government. By way of these partners and the software platforms they provide, our team has acquired and marketed myriad solutions that result in our customers’ success.

Credence has kept abreast of central and emerging areas of the IT industry necessary for business innovation including: social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) and we are committed to do so in the future as well.

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