DISA SETI SB & Unrestricted

General Description

DISA Systems Engineering, Technology & Innovation (SETI) SB

The Systems Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) Contract vehicle will provide a suite of information technology (IT) engineering services, expertise, and support in the planning, research, development,  integration, and implementation activities for future, proposed, current, and legacy Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) IT capabilities, services, and systems. It will deliver complex IT engineering support services throughout the entire acquisition lifecycles of DoD and DISA solutions, systems, and system components. Credence is one of the most accomplished companies under DISA SETI SB, with over a decade of continuous presence supporting DISA.

Scope of Awarded Contract

SETI offers an array of research and development, and critical technical disciplines core to engineering, delivering, and maintaining DoD and DISA IT products and capabilities.  It encompasses legacy, current, and future DoD and DISA capabilities, services, systems, and systems-of-systems (SoS) throughout the acquisition and system engineering lifecycle. SETI spans the entire spectrum of DISA mission areas supported by the various Combatant Commands, Services, Agencies (CC/S/As) and DISA Directorates and Offices.  SETI is available for use by all DoD mission partners. Where applicable, the term ‘system’ can refer to a single system, collection of systems, sub-systems, and SoS, together within its environment.

SETI extends the services of this Contract to support customers of DISA services in the Innovation, adoption, interoperability, integration, enhancement, augmentation and delivery of DoD and DISA products, services, and capabilities. The services covered under this Contract shall be global in reach and all SETI Contract holders shall be prepared to provide services and deliverables worldwide.

With the pace of change, fully anticipating how technical requirements and individual programs will evolve over the life of the Contract vehicle is impossible. SETI intends to remain current and continue to provide the full range of engineering support and services to deliver innovative capabilities, systems, solutions; to insert and sustain emerging technologies and approaches throughout its lifespan; and to address the evolving needs of the DISA mission space. The work under SETI will be authorized and more specifically defined in individual Task Orders (TO) and executed by the Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO).

The Government may require surge support during the base or any option period of any Task Order issued against SETI, and surge modifications will be within the scope of the Contract and provide increased support for the defined task areas of the Task Order PWS.

  • Task Area 1 – System Engineering
  • Task Area 2 – Design Analysis Engineering
  • Task Area 3 – Systems Architecture
  • Task Area 4 – Software Systems Design and Development
  • Task Area 5 – Systems Integration
  • Task Area 6 – Systems Test and Evaluation
  • Task Area 7 – Systems Deployment and Life-cycle Engineering
  • Task Area 8 – Special Systems Engineering Requirements

Features and Benefits

SETI’s awardees were chosen based on the best-value, full tradeoff acquisition approach, which enables the government to fully consider whether technical advantages merit paying a higher price. This strategy ensures that SETI performers have a proven innovative business culture; such that they have brought–and will bring–best best-of-breed innovations and solutions to DISA customers. SETI’s main focus is on fostering, developing and encouraging innovation with the goal to reduce costs, streamline timelines and provide innovative solutions to the warfighter, while simultaneously searching for breakthroughs, efficiencies, and advancements in IT engineering methodologies and technical development, which effectively manage the increased risk profiles that are inherent in solving complex capability gaps.

SETI provides a FAR-based, fair opportunity procurement approach for ordering critical performance-based services through DISA’s prequalified pool of innovative contractors. Users can pursue a variety of unique acquisition types; including, but not limited to: Rapid technology prototyping, staged contracts, milestone-based competitions; incentive prizes and challenge-based acquisitions. Credence is a Small Business on the vehicle, which also allows us to bid on unrestricted SETI opportunities. 

DISA Contacts

SETI SB is managed by the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) located at Ft. Meade. Government buyers can contact the DISA DITCO Contracting Officer at DISA Ft Meade PLD Mailbox SETI Requirement disa.meade.PLD.mbx.seti-requirement@mail.mil or see the DISA Contracting page at https://www.ditco.disa.mil. 


Contract Number


Period of Performance 

June 5, 2020 – June 4, 2030

Contact Information

For detailed information on how Credence can meet your needs using this contract, please contact:

Austin Root, DISA SETI Capture Lead
Office: (571) 395-8831 | Toll Free: (888) 459-2430 | Fax: (202) 315-3030