GSA MAS Unrestricted

GSA MAS Unrestricted

General Description

General Services Administration (GSA) consolidated Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) provide direct access to innovative products and services. Federal, state, local, and tribal government organizations can buy from GSA MAS. Credence holds the following Categories under the consolidated Schedules.

Scope of Awarded Contract

    • Special Item No. 54151S IT Professional Services
      • Cloud Services (All Associated Labor)
      • Cognitive Computing
      • Conversion and Implementation Support
      • Database Planning and Design
      • Internet of Things (Iot)
      • IT Project Management
      • Migration Services (Of All Kinds)
      • Network Services
      • Programming
      • Resources and Facilities Management
      • Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation
      • Other Services Relevant to 29 CFR 541.400.F
    • Special Item No. 518210C  Cloud Related IT Professional Services
      • Assessing Cloud Solutions
      • Refactoring Workloads for Cloud Solutions
      • Migrating Legacy or Other Systems to Cloud Solutions
      • Providing Management or Governance of Cloud Solutions
      • Cloud DevOps/DevSecOps
      • Developing Cloud Native Applications
      • Other Cloud-Oriented Activities
    • Special Item No. 54151HACS  Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)
      • High Value Asset Assessments
      • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
      • Cyber Hunt
      • Incident Response
      • Penetration Testing
    • Special Item No. 541219 Budget and Financial Management Services
      • Accounting
      • Budgeting
      • Complimentary Financial Services
    • Special Item No. 541330ENG – Engineering Services
      • Applying Physical Laws and Principles of Engineering in the Design, Development, and Utilization of Machines, Materials, Instruments, Processes, and Systems
    • Special Item No. 541380 – Testing Laboratory Services
      • Testing Laboratory Services and Veterinary, Natural, and Life Sciences
      • Testing Services and Laboratories
      • Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
    • Special Item No. 541420 – Engineering System Design and Integration Services
      • Creating and Developing Designs and Specifications that Optimize the Use, Value, and Appearance of their Products
    • Special Item No. 541611 – Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services
      • Strategic and Organizational Planning
      • Business Process Improvement
      • Acquisition and Grants Management Support
      • Facilitation, Surveys, Assessment and Improvement of Financial Management Systems
      • Financial Reporting and Analysis
      • Due Diligence in Validating an Agency
      • Portfolio of Assets and Related Support Services
      • Strategic Financial Planning
      • Financial Policy Formulation and Development
      • Special Cost Studies
      • Actuarial Services
      • Economic and Regulatory Analysis
      • Benchmarking and Program Metrics
      • Business Program and Project Management
    • Special Item No. 541614SVC – Supply and Value Chain Management
      • All Phases of the Planning, Acquisition, and Management of Logistics Systems
    • Special Item No. 541715 – Engineering Research and Development and Strategic Planning
      • Conducting Research and Experimental Development (except nanotechnology and biotechnology research and experimental development) in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
    • Special Item No. 561210FS – Facility Support Services
      • Complete Turnkey Operations
      • Maintenance and Support Services
      • Base Facilities Operation Support Services (excluding computer operations)
      • Depot Maintenance
      • Preventative Maintenance Planning
      • Fleet/Property Management and Maintenance
      • Mobile Utility Support Equipment Operation
      • Maintenance and Repair
      • Strategic Account/Project Management
      • Integrated Facility Management and Operations Management Support
      • Janitorial, Maintenance, Trash Disposal, Guard and Security, Mail Routing, Reception, Laundry, and Related Services to Support Operations within Facilities

Contract Number


Contract Period

May 15, 2024 through May 14, 2029

Business Size

Other than Small Business

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MAS Price List

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