Credence Team Victorious at the AWS Summit Game Day!

On Monday, September 27th, 2021, Ellis Coleman, Rachit Bhagat, Sushav Dixit, Mahesh Thapa-Adhikari, and Joseph Kim came together to represent Credence at the AWS Public Sector Summit’s Game Day. They teamed up on a collaborative learning exercise to test cloud migration skills in implementing AWS solutions for a fictional start-up. The team members hands-on experience included:

  • Identifying inventory and assessing configurations
  • Scaling infrastructure
  • Maintaining a secure environment through access methods and encryption
  • Deploying tactics like instance optimization and cost management tools to make the migration more cost-effective

Unlike the migrations they perform, the Game Day challenge was risk-free because the team worked with actual systems and tools to configure, scale, secure, and manage, but if anything went wrong then there were no networks or systems compromised. These activities helped the team members see the challenges that some Cloud Engineers face and the solutions used to address them.

At the end, the team was victorious placing first in the challenge!

Congratulations to the Credence Team Members!