Credence Wins Transportation Security Administration Contract for Knowledge Management Services

June 25, 2020 — Credence adds to its impressive resume in computer systems design services with the award of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Knowledge Management System (KMS) contract. Equipped with advanced technical expertise and robust computer software consulting experience, Credence will optimize the performance and capabilities of the KMS to enhance the collection, analysis, and sharing of mission-related risk knowledge across the TSA enterprise. Expertise provided includes, but is not limited to, servicing an array of risk and intel-informed data sets, analytical products, and analysis capabilities related to Data Management services, SharePoint support, Operations and Maintenance support, and Information System Security.

The TSA KMS a mission-critical informational data repository and tool used to enhance intelligence-driven, risk-based decision making and to inform the development of standards for risk assessments, analysis tools, information sharing, and decision criteria. The system relies on a SharePoint document library and user interface with databases, geospatial capability, business intelligence analytic tools, and .net coding to access, manage, and analyze data drawn from a variety of sources. This technology enables the distribution of prioritization models to determine highest risk infrastructure, analytical tools to support decision-makers with resource deployments, Requirements and Capabilities Analysis products (e.g. risk analysis tools, technical reports, modeling, and simulation-based projects), and the development of tools for the respective missions of various stakeholders.

Credence has once again proven itself to be a leading developer of information technology solutions and computer systems design services and looks forward to forging innovative solutions for the TSA KMS.