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Credence Awarded 614th Air Operations Center (614 AOC) / Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Contract

May 9, 2018 – We are proud to announce that AFSPC has awarded Credence a 614 AOC/JSpOC prime contract. We will help ensure a successful, comprehensive weapon system upgrade, along with supporting an Advanced Training program that begins at the individual-based training and evolves to a crew/threat-based training program that more accurately represents the operational demands in a dynamic, warfighting environment in space. More specifically, Credence will provide systems engineering, test support, mission systems integration, configuration management and analysis, advanced training development and execution, and program-level support for a wide range of weapons systems. To accomplish this mission, we will also coordinate and execute test objectives, resource requirements, schedules, and developmental testing and evaluation (D&E) events.

Credence Awarded DLA JETS Task to Support the Information Operations (J6), Strategic Vendor Management Division (J6TE)

April 30, 2018 – Credence is pleased to announce our 7th task order award under the DLA JETS vehicle. Credence will provide contract reporting and analytics support to the J6TE by sustaining and tailoring existing processes for acquisition support, compiling reports and metrics, developing and migrating to new data collection and processing methods, and ensuring Agency information is accurate and up-to-date. Our team is integral to the success of the J6TE and the DLA Contracting Services Office (DCSO), whose collective mission is to accurately and efficiently gather, track, analyze, and report acquisition process data to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings and avoidance.

Credence to Support the DLA Information Operations (J64), Emerging Technologies Sector

April 24, 2018 – Credence is pleased to announce our recent task order award to support the DLA J64, Emerging Technologies sector. Our personnel will operate, maintain, document, integrate, and make recommendations to standardize the Video Teleconferencing (VTC), Streaming Video (SV), and Internet Protocol Base Video Teleconferencing (IPTV) hardware/configurations for the DLA Video Operation Center (VOC) and Continuance of Operation Plan (COOP). By monitoring, scheduling, and troubleshooting video teleconferences for the DLA, our team will support the DLA J64’s mission to improve IT efficiencies throughout the DLA. Credence looks forward to supporting the DLA as it continues to build an expansive and stable enterprise infrastructure by promoting IT standardization across the Agency.

Credence to Support U.S. Coast Guard Boat Safety and Security for the Office of Boat Forces (CG-731)

April 19, 2018 – Credence is pleased to support the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boat Forces (CG‐731) in the creation, revision, and reformatting of U.S. Coast Guard Boat Operator’s Handbooks, providing engineering specifications and safety requirements validation for missions critical to harbor safety and navigation. Credence will provide the key technical expertise to help create and modify the boat operator’s handbooks for more than 30 Coast Guard boats and vessels. These boats and operators are critical elements in ensuring the safety, security and navigability of the U. S. waterways, and Credence is excited to be a key partner in the CG-731’s mission to provide safe and effective boat operations in support of all Coast Guard missions.

Credence Re-Awarded Contract to Support the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP)

March 28, 2018 – Credence is pleased to announce our recent re-award to support the Defense Personnel and Family Support Center’s (DPFSC) YRRP. Credence personnel will provide training classes to support Service Members and their families throughout the various stages of deployment. Credence has had the honor to serve over one million participants throughout our previous involvement with the DPFSC YRRP, and we look forward to continuing our service to our nation’s military.

Credence to Provide IT Expertise to the Mission Critical Computer Resources (MCCR) Program

March 13, 2018 – Credence is proud to announce our task order award to support the MMCR program under the 309th Software Maintenance Group (SMXG). Our team will provide a variety of mission-critical network and server engineering, and national security system IT services across multiple platforms to benefit more than 90 programs within the SMXG. We look forward to assisting the MCCR program by providing Government Civil Service support to its variety of customers.

Team Credence Awarded Task Order to Support the DLA Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS)

March 7, 2018 – Credence is excited to provide Incident Response Support to the DLA’s AMPS application, the gateway to DLA systems, which is accessed by 270,000 users world-wide for any and all DLA applications. AMPS provides Federal, contractor, and public service members access to all internal DLA web applications, accessible anywhere and at any time. We will assist DLA AMPS operations through expert project management support, technical and analytical assistance, and transition support services to end-users—with an overall goal to reduce service interruptions and improve incident response times for this mission-critical system.

Credence Wins Army National Guard Training Centers (ANRG-TRS) Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) Services Contract

March 1, 2018 – Credence is pleased to announce our partnership with Katamai Information Technologies to support the ANRG-TRS by acting as the RFMSS Functional Administrator across multiple national training facilities. Responsible for ensuring RFMSS is fully merged with other SRP tools to support activities such as: automated range scheduling, report range utilization, and record ammunition expenditure; integrated Team Credence will help support the ARNG-TRS in their mission to develop and sustain Unit Readiness. We look forward to providing analytical, technical, planning, and training support to the ANRG and ANRG-TRS as they continue their mission of defending national security and interests.

Credence to Support the Joint Force Headquarters, National Capital Region (JFHQ-NCR)

January 26, 2018 – Credence will support the JFHQ-NCR through the development and management of training policies, procedures, materials, and records. The JFHQ-NCR is a branch under the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) that coordinates with the US Coast Guard (USCG) regarding maritime domain operations within the NCR. This effort will assist the JFHQ-NCR with the synchronization between the Joint Training Information Management System (JTIMS) and the Defense Training Management System (DTMS); supporting the coordination, development, and execution of Joint, Army, Regional, and Interagency exercises.

Credence Featured in WorkDesign Magazine

November 30, 2017 – Workdesign Magazine recently sat down with our CEO, Sid Chowdhary, to explore some hot-button topics within the workforce, including the relationship between company culture and commercial architecture/interior design. Our Vienna, Virginia office is designed to echo our transparent, accessible, and dynamic culture. With more than 500 employees worldwide, we strive to make each customer and employee a top priority. Sid explains, “We all work on the same premise that if you see something that needs to be done, be empowered to tackle it, rather than asking for permission or waiting to be asked. Our corporate culture embodies that philosophy and encourages employee initiative, empowerment, motivation, and engagement.”

Read the news article here and visit our Careers page to learn more about how you can join a culture of excellence and success.

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