Sid Chowdhary Named President of PanIIT USA

October 2, 2011 – Sid Chowdhary, CEO of Credence, was named President of PanIIT USA at the IIT Alumni Global Conference in New York on Oct. 2, 2011.

PanIIT is an umbrella organization representing an alumni network of the most recognizable symbol of India’s intellectual excellence, achievement and leadership: the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) system. IIT Alumni, around the world, have created sustained value for organizations and communities with their thought leadership, business acumen and sense of social responsibility, all of which are the tenets of the IIT brand of education. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the inception of the “IIT System.”

In the US, IIT alumni achievements and contributions include:

  • Creation of over 200,000 jobs
  • Pioneering technologies such as cellular communications and HDTV
  • CxO or Founder of 60% of Silicon Valley startups
  • Leading executive at firms such as Citicorp, Hartford Financial, Harman International, Google, Cisco, Microsoft and Rohm & Haas
  • Dean at leading universities such as Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Director of the National Science Foundation
  • Honored by the US House of Representatives (HR 227) for the economic innovation attributable to graduates of the IIT.

ABOUT CREDENCE: Credence Management Solutions is a fast-growing 8(a)/SDB company, based in the District of Columbia. Credence is based on three values: Trust, Partnership, and Success. Credence provides management and technology consulting, strategy, business transformation, and advisory services to government agencies.

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